Everything You Should Know about Carpet Steam Cleaners

Carpet steam cleaners are one of the cost effective tools of cleaning your carpets to a high mechanical grade for tile and hardwood flooring. They are powered by a regular household chemical such as gallon propane or natural gas and emit steam with the use of a heavy cartridge.

In a single pass, the heavy cartridge will remove the dirt and grime from your carpet. Unlike steam Grocery Bags, Carpet Steam Cleaners are more heavy duty and powerful, they can easily access all grimes and very dirty spots.

how to choose the best carpet steam cleaners

The Engines

The engines of Carpet Steam Cleaners are commonly of two speeds, dump and forward.

Dump motors are used for light jobs such as cleaning bathroom and car, counter stools, sinks and tile. The dump motor is connected to the powerful engine and used in heavy cleaning jobs.

Forward motors are used for major cleaning jobs such as cleaning walls, floors and tubs. The forward motor connected to the engine is used in shag area preparation for flooring, carpets and upholstery.

Some advantages of a Carpet Steam Cleaner are as follows:

These advantages led to the development of new technology and lead to the introduction of carpet steam cleaners.

Carpet steam cleaners use a temperature sensitive canister and hot water to remove the dirt from the fibers without putting necessary toxic chemicals into the water, this is cause an anti-microbial effect which makes the cleaning process of carpets safer and more convenient. The temperature sensitive canister comes with various settings for temperatures from 100° F to 200° F. It is easier to remove dirt from carpets at lower temperatures as the steam is not applied directly to the fibers.

They are very convenient to use and they need not be cleaned as often as hot water and chemicals.

The negatives side of these steam cleaners are that the initial cost, the cost of purchasing and maintaining, the cost of Model A chemicals for the RNA chemicals and the cost of the labor for moving the carpet and moving the cleaner are the operational costs for which the consumer will be paying.

This is a great innovation as far as sheeting and carpet cleaning are concerned.

It will be interesting to see how far these technology has develops in the future. The point is that the consumer will be able to afford this technology as it develops.


The success of steam cleaners will inspire other brands to introduce their latest technologies in the market.

The purchase of carpet steam cleaners is most of the time recommended for large flooring such as catwalks or even flooring such as Panasonic’s best rated trick ‘Natures’ – the use of steam to accelerate the drying of large wet stains with minimum overspray.