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Guide For Choosing Low Profile Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Porch areas and outdoor living rooms are relaxing home spots that we all love to sit and stay in. This is where the whole family spends their lazy summer days and evenings to enjoy cold beverages and have some snacks. It is also a great location for quiet reading afternoons. During warm weather, porch and outdoor areas are prepped with porch swings, couches, and outdoor fans.

In some instances, diners also prefer to dine al fresco when restaurants and shops have outdoor dining spaces. Here they can admire the street view and watch people as they enjoy their time. Shop and restaurant owners invest low ceiling outdoor fans to keep their customers comfortable and keep the breeze flowing.

Outdoor ceiling fans are ideal for keeping patios, porches and outdoor spaces cool during summer and hot weather. There are many high-quality and affordable fans that can be used for outdoor set-ups, but the most preferred types are the low-profile outdoor ceiling fans.

What are low profile ceiling fans?

Low profile ceiling fans are fans that are set closer to the ceiling than hanging from a rod. They are also called “hugger” fans because of the way they sit close to the ceiling. These fans are highly recommended for rooms with low ceiling especially when normal ceiling fans cannot fit for safety reasons.

Ceiling fans blades should not go any lower than 7 feet from the floor. The height of the ceiling from the floor and where the fan will be installed will help homeowners determine whether a normal fan or a low profile fan is the best choice.

Low profile ceiling fans come in elegant and contemporary styles. There are also designs with a lighting kit. When opting for this kind of ceiling fan, keep in mind that a few more inches will be needed thus, make sure that there is a safe height for installing the fan and the lighting fixture.

Is there are Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Ceiling Fans?

Buyers should seek the assistance of the brand or store representative so that they can determine which fan to buy depending on the intended location. Store representatives may discuss the Underwriter’s Laboratories rating (UL) to help buyers choose among the types and models suited for indoor or outdoor use.

Fans maybe dry-rated or wet/damp rated. Dry-rated fans are those that are only supposed to be used indoors and away from where there is moisture or dampness. On the other hand, wet/damp rated fans can be used for indoor and outdoor locations. Fans rated for outdoor use can withstand harsh outdoor elements and moisture accumulation that they may be exposed to.

Can You Use Indoor Ceiling Fans for Outdoor Spaces?

Indoor fans that are dry-rated cannot be used for outdoor spaces as they might not withstand even a small amount of moisture. Using dry-rated ceiling fans in a wet or damp location can lead to dangerous situations such as:

Burning – The fan’s hardware can rust and heighten the risk of fire, sparks and burning of exposed electrical wiring.

Melting – The fan blades may not be made to withstand heat or moisture outdoors. They can warp or melt and become uneven. This will lead to poor air circulation, wobbling, and unpleasant noise when using the fan.

Rusting – Ceiling fan made for indoor spaces have less durable materials. When exposed to outdoor elements, the finishing could start to rush, fade, and tarnish. This will only leave you with a dull, unsightly and lackluster ceiling fan in your outdoor space.

It will be a waste of your hard-earned money to insist on using an indoor ceiling fan for an outdoor location such as your porch or patio. These spaces need a wet/damp rated fans that can effectively handle exterior elements such as outdoor moisture and heat.

Choosing an Outdoor Ceiling Fan

When choosing a low-profile ceiling fan for outdoor spaces, the location, size, and other requirements must be seriously considered. This is to ensure that you get the best-performing fan that will suit your needs and last a long time.

Fans that are rated for outdoor use can be used in areas where traditional indoor fans cannot. But they can still be used indoors as well. These fans are not just for the porch or patio, they can also withstand high humidity areas like the laundry area or near a hot tub.

These types of fan have durable blades that will not melt or warp with hot weather. Some are made with metal, glass and hard durable plastic material. The finish and construction of these outdoor-rated fans are also made to prevent corrosion and rust so that it keeps running smoothly for years to come.

Relaxing Outdoor Spaces with Low Profile Outdoor Ceiling Fan

One might ask who need the low profile outdoor ceiling fan? Low profile outdoor ceiling fans are homeowners’ and business owners’ best choice for their porches, patios and outdoor spaces with low ceilings. Outdoor areas are frequently exposed to extreme conditions such as moisture and humidity. Outdoor-rated ceiling fans are made for these conditions and will work beautifully despite harsh environments.

People living in warmer climates spend plenty of time relaxing and staying in their outdoor spaces. They create porches and patios with much personality and coziness. And because it is outdoors, there is a risk of having bugs and mosquitoes around. Installing UV light bug catchers and strategically placing fans will ward off these bugs. A low profile outdoor ceiling fan will also keep the breeze in motion without distracting the view because it is installed close to the ceiling.

For exposed porches and gazebos, a wet rated fan can be installed because it can resist moisture and wetness in case it comes in contact with rain. Damp rated fans, on the other hand, are the best for screened porches, al fresco dining areas as well as laundry rooms and the kitchen.

Low profile outdoor ceiling fans are not just used in home porches and patios. There are also restaurants and shops with outdoor spaces who install these types of fans to keep diners and guests comfortable despite warm weather. These fans come in different styles and models, from classic, elegant, traditional to modern and more contemporary designs. Buyers may also opt for styles that come with lighting kits and glass choices.

With so many styles and designs to choose from, homeowners and business owners can easily find the low profile outdoor ceiling fan that will meet all their needs without messing up their budget. These fans are a simple yet great addition to any low-ceiling porch, patio and outdoor spaces.…