From Popcorn Thrillers to Award-Winning Dramas: Here Are the Latest Hollywood Movies on Netflix

Netflix has quickly become the go-to streaming platform for movie enthusiasts. With its extensive library of films, Netflix has something for everyone, from popcorn thrillers to award-winning dramas. We’ve compiled a list of the latest Hollywood movies currently available on the platform that you won’t want to miss.

1. The Trial of the Chicago 7
One of the most talked-about movies of 2020, The Trial of the Chicago 7 is a historical drama that recounts the infamous trial of several civil rights activists in 1969. The film boasts an all-star cast, including Eddie Redmayne, Sacha Baron Cohen, and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, and was nominated for six Academy Awards, including Best Picture.

2. The Queen’s Gambit
While technically a limited series, The Queen’s Gambit is worth mentioning for its cinematic quality. The show follows a young chess prodigy (played by Anya Taylor-Joy) as she navigates the male-dominated world of competitive chess. With stunning visuals and superb performances, this Netflix original has received critical acclaim and has become a cultural phenomenon.

3. Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom
Adapted from August Wilson’s play of the same name, Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom is a period drama set in 1920s Chicago. The film stars Viola Davis as Ma Rainey, a blues singer, and Chadwick Boseman in his final role before his untimely death in 2020. Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom has been praised for its performances, writing, and cinematography and was nominated for five Academy Awards.

4. GoodFellas
This classic gangster film from Martin Scorsese has been a fan favorite for years. GoodFellas follows the rise and fall of Henry Hill (played by Ray Liotta), a mob associate who worked for the Lucchese crime family. With iconic performances from Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci, GoodFellas is a must-watch for anyone who loves crime dramas.

5. The Departed
Another Martin Scorsese masterpiece, The Departed is a crime thriller set in Boston. The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon as two men working undercover for opposite sides of the law. With a gripping story and standout performances from the entire cast (including Jack Nicholson and Mark Wahlberg), The Departed is a modern classic that still holds up today.

6. The Devil All the Time
This slow-burn thriller, set in rural Ohio and West Virginia, follows several characters whose lives intersect in unexpected ways. The Devil All the Time stars Tom Holland, Robert Pattinson, and Sebastian Stan, among others, and has been praised for its dark atmosphere and strong performances.

7. Malcolm & Marie
Filmed during the COVID-19 pandemic, Malcolm & Marie stars Zendaya and John David Washington as a couple who have just returned home from a movie premiere. As the night goes on, tensions rise, and secrets are revealed. The film has been praised for its performances and writing and serves as a showcase for Zendaya’s acting skills.

8. I’m Thinking of Ending Things
This mind-bending trip of a movie, based on the novel by Iain Reid, follows a young woman (Jessie Buckley) who goes on a road trip with her boyfriend (Jesse Plemons) to visit his parents’ farm. As the trip progresses, reality becomes increasingly distorted, and the true nature of their relationship is called into question. I’m Thinking of Ending Things has been described as both haunting and thought-provoking and is not to be missed.

In conclusion, whether you’re in the mood for a tense thriller or a powerful drama, Netflix has you covered. These eight Hollywood movies are just a small sample of what the platform has to offer, so settle in and start streaming.