Guide to picking the best pillow to heal that neck and shoulder pain

Are you having restless nights and experiencing pain on the neck and shoulder region? It might be your sleeping position that is causing the pain or the type of pillow you are sleeping on. People often blame their mattress when they wake up with neck pains and at times their sleeping positions. Believe it or not, the cause of the pain is nowhere close to those two; the cause of the pain is most likely to be brought about by your pillow.

Adjusting your sleep position might not entirely solve the neck pain problem. A high-quality pillow that supports the neck region adequately might be all that you need. Getting a comfortable pillow will reduce your neck problems tremendously. It’s hard to believe that something that supports the head can have such a tremendous effect on your life. Go for a comfortable pillow, and this might contribute to an overall improvement to the quality of life you live.

You will enjoy waking up without any stiff neck having a restful sleep. Wake up without a stiff neck and migraine in the head. A rounded pillow supports the spine region that links the neck region and the spine. The material the pillow is made from is very important. Pillows that are made of hard materials can cause damage to the spine especially the neck and shoulder region.

The shape of the pillow can determine how you wake up in the morning. The market is full of curved pillows. Their shape makes them preferable as they go with the shape of the body. A flat surface may prove difficult to sleep on. In most cases, you will wake up with back pains. Using a contour or curved pillows will solve the problem.

Pillows that are made up of feathers can help relieve the pain as it provides soft comfort to the head. Are you suffering from neck pains; worry not; here is a guide to help you identify the best and most neck friendly pillow that will make the pain a thing of the past.

Have you tried sleeping on the water- filled pillow?

A pillow that is filled with water might seem a little far- fetched, but they exist. The water filled pillows are unmatched when it comes to relieving neck and shoulder pain. The luxurious pillow provides support to the back, neck and head as you sleep.

The inner chamber of the pillow is entirely adjustable to offer the necessary support and thickness required. No matter the position you sleep with the water filled pillow gives you an experience of a lifetime. Statistics tell us that people who sleep well have a low level of stress, a lot of happiness and overall higher quality of life.

Go for pillows that offer proper head and neck support.

These are pillows that provide the necessary support to the head and the neck. They come in different shapes and sizes. Apart from falling asleep, you should be concerned about the position of your head and neck. The head and neck region are sensitive areas since they are points where joints meet. Go for a customized pillow that offers support to the neck and head region.

Choose environmental friendly pillows.

Whenever you are shopping for a pillow, avoid going for synthetic pillows. These are pillows made of plastic like materials. They are not only uncomfortable to sleep on but can be harmful to your health. The synthetic materials are harder compared to pillows made of feathers and fur. There are environmental friendly pillows which are made up of biodegradable materials. These are soft- like and are comfortable to lay on.

Long lasting pillows

Go for long durable materials made of sturdy yet soft materials. Most long lasting pillows are made up of high-quality materials which translate to a long lifespan to the pillow. The high-quality pillow is comfortable and can be helpful to people who have a stiff neck and painful shoulders.

Is your head aligned to your neck and spine at night?

Always address your spinal alignment during sleep. You should go a further step of not only choosing the best mattress but also the best pillow that will provide the spine with the required comfort. When the body is at a resting position, the blood pressure reduces. Sleeping positions can be used to identify the best available pillow to use.

Sleeping on your back can be harmful to your spine. We usually decide on our preferred sleeping positions early enough in our lives. These sleeping habits are hard to adjust, but they can be controlled or regulated. The position that you sleep in is different from the position you will be in when you wake up.

If you sleep on your back go for a rounded pillow for it to offer support to the natural curve of your neck. Most feather pillows conform with the shape of the neck. Ensure to replace the feather pillows regularly as they collapse with time reducing their efficiency.

Have you tried the traditionally shaped pillow?

This type of pillow has memory foam. It blends well with the shape of the head and neck. The pillows are comfortable to sleep on.

Avoid picking high and stiff pillows.

These types of pillows are high and stiff, which keeps the neck inclined above the rest of the body. Thick pillows stretch and flex the neck at night, which results in morning neck pains. However, the high pillows come in handy for those who love sleeping on their side. In this case, the spine is kept straight and in shape by the high pillow.

Horseshoe-shaped pillows

These are pillows that hold the head in position in a plane or at home when watching. They offer support to the head and prevent the head from falling off when you doze. This type of pillow should not be too large. A sizeable horseshoe-shaped pillow will force your head to lean forward.


Having said that it would be safe to say that pillows determine how our day will be when we wake up. Sleeping on high and still pillows results to back, neck and shoulder pains. When purchasing a pillow, always go for the one with the most skin-friendly material. Avoid pillows that made of synthetic or latex materials. Moreover, those who have a sensitive skin are advised to sleep on skin-friendly pillows. Always go for high-end pillows. Most of the high-end pillows are economical and help to align the neck and spine in the right position.