Nature as a Character: The Significance of Nature in Makoto Shinkai’s Movies

Nature has been a prevalent character in Makoto Shinkai’s movies, lending a sense of awe, wonder, and importance to his works like no other. From the vast, sky-reaching mountains to the luscious, green forests, every element in nature in Shinkai’s work has its echo in the narrative, as though it were a tangible character in the film, expressing itself through the story.

The natural world in Shinkai’s movies plays an influential role in the story’s plot and the development of the characters. They often offer a symbolic meaning or a reflection of a character’s emotions or mental state. For example, in his masterpiece, “Your Name,” the characters Taki and Mitsuha, who have been exchanging bodies, live in two different natural worlds – the modern city and the rural town respectively. This offers a contrast of experiences that the film uses to highlight the characters’ struggles in adapting to their new environment. They are also drawn to the seemingly ordinary scenes of the sky and the mountains, which give way to a meteor and a comet, key elements in the story’s resolution.

Nature in Shinkai’s movies also serves to create a sense of wonder and grandeur, capturing the viewer’s attention and making them feel small in awe of its beauty. This feeling can be seen in “The Garden of Words,” where the lush rain-soaked garden provides an incandescent backdrop that sets the pace for the story’s mood. The rain reflects the characters’ complex emotions, and the garden sets a beautiful stage that accentuates the story’s themes of maturity and self-discovery.

Shinkai’s work is also characterized by the use of vivid and high-definition visuals that enable the natural world to manifest itself in a photorealistic manner that looks almost lifelike. The colors that Shinkai uses in his films, often with a warm and vibrant palette, create an almost-magical natural world that adds an inimitable depth to his stories and characters. Moreover, every element of nature in his work moves in a natural and organic way, making it come to life, like a moving breathing character all on its own.

In conclusion, Makoto Shinkai’s movies have created a unique form of character, one that has life and breath like the rest of the cast. Nature in his movies has become an essential element, offering a sense of awe, wonder, and importance that sets his stories apart from others. With his keen ability to capture the beauty of the natural world and weave it into his stories’ narrative, Shinkai has created a new form of art that is both visually stunning and emotionally stirring. His work reminds us of the beauty and grandeur of our world and urges us to appreciate and preserve it.