New Hollywood Movies on Netflix: Our Top Picks and What to Expect

Netflix has become the go-to streaming platform for movie lovers everywhere, with its seemingly endless supply of new Hollywood films. It can be overwhelming to sift through all of the options, so we’ve compiled a list of our top picks and what to expect from these exciting new releases.

1. The Trial of the Chicago 7 – This Aaron Sorkin-directed film is a courtroom drama based on the infamous 1969 trial of a group of anti-Vietnam War demonstrators. The all-star cast includes names like Sacha Baron Cohen, Eddie Redmayne, and Jeremy Strong, and the film has already garnered widespread critical acclaim.

2. Enola Holmes – Fans of Sherlock Holmes will enjoy this film centered around his much less famous younger sister, played by Millie Bobby Brown. The mystery adventure flick follows Enola as she attempts to uncover the whereabouts of her missing mother while outsmarting her brothers along the way.

3. Da 5 Bloods – Director Spike Lee’s latest film follows a group of Vietnam War veterans who return to the country to find both their fallen squad leader’s remains and a stash of buried treasure. Along the journey, they confront both their past and present struggles as Black Americans.

4. Mank – The highly anticipated biopic follows screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz as he battles with notoriously difficult filmmaker Orson Welles over the screenplay for Citizen Kane, which is widely regarded as one of the best films in history. The film stars Gary Oldman and is directed by David Fincher.

5. The Prom – Based on the hit Broadway musical, The Prom follows a group of self-absorbed theater stars who travel to Indiana to support a lesbian high school student who has been banned from attending prom with her girlfriend. With an all-star cast including Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman, and James Corden, this musical comedy is sure to be a hit with audiences.

These five films are just a few of the many new Hollywood releases on Netflix. With each film having its own unique style and substance, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a thought-provoking drama or a lighthearted musical comedy, these films are sure to deliver.