The Advantages of Using Laser Rangefinders

Laser rangefinders have undergone significant improvements over the last few years. Today they are much faster, feature designs that are more rugged, and they are also a lot easier to use. Below are some of the main advantages and reasons why you should use a hunting range searcher.

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1. Eliminate Guesswork

The main feature of any rangefinder is to offer you with an accurate distance between your target and yourself. This works with laser beams which are sent out which bounce off the target which then returns to you. In this process, the clock in these units measures the distance.

2. Improve Estimating Skills

When using a laser rangefinder for the purposes of hunting, if you practice ranging with frequent use or before-hand. It provides you with a better way to instinctively estimate an accurate distance for those times when a lucky and unexpected moment arises.

3. Convenient To Carry

Products such as cellular phones have definitely become a lot smaller and more intelligent over the last decade, and so to have the rangefinders. Some models are so compact and small they are almost in the same category as the latest sizes of smartphones. In fact, there are some that weigh as little as 1/2 a pound.

With these types of dimensions, it has become even more possible for hunters to carry rangefinders with them on their hunting expeditions. The vertical designs also provide a way to use these devices with ease by putting them away or pulling them out using only one hand.

Just about all the latest and conventional laser rangefinders can either be attached in a case to a belt or on an item such as a lanyard around your neck, or even in a pocket of a jacket or coat.

4. Affordable

Even though there are a variety of high-performance and luxurious laser rangefinders available today, there are just as many if not more budget-friendly units which work just as well. The more affordable models range from $100 to $250.

5. They Can Replace Your Binoculars

A few of the high-performance monocular laser rangefinders offer the advantages of both distance and magnification along with all the other features that rangefinders have to offer. Some of the rangefinders even offer a visual field that is wider which means you now spot things that were once obscured.

6. Avoid Shooting The Wrong Thing

The latest rangefinder technology is now able to determine whether you will hit a target and how to miss obstructions. Even when you have aimed accurately form the correct distance, it is possible to snag a rock or tree branch that may be in your way. With a laser rangefinder, you can avoid these mishaps from occurring.

7. Laser Rangefinders Are Rugged

Many of the rangefinders today come with lenses that are filled with nitrogen which prevents fogging, and there are even models that feature a waterproof capacity that can withstand water submersion of up to 5 feet. The magnesium housing, along with aluminum casing helps to extend the lifespan of the rangefinders. These rugged characteristics stand up well to both physical and environmental outdoor abuse.