The Top 10 Must-Watch Ryan Reynolds Movies

The Top 10 Must-Watch Ryan Reynolds Movies

Ryan Reynolds is an actor known for his charisma and humor on and off the screen. He has starred in numerous movies over the years, and in this article, we will be discussing the top 10 must-watch Ryan Reynolds movies that are a must-watch for any fan.

1. Deadpool (2016)

Deadpool is a superhero movie that sees Ryan Reynolds take on the role of Wade Wilson/Deadpool. The movie is known for its humor and action-packed scenes. Ryan Reynolds brings his trademark humor to the role and captures the character of Deadpool perfectly.

2. Just Friends (2005)

Just Friends is a romantic comedy that sees Ryan Reynolds take on the role of Chris Brander. The movie follows Chris as he tries to win over his high school crush, Jamie Palamino. The movie is a lighthearted and fun watch that showcases Ryan Reynolds’ comedic chops.

3. The Proposal (2009)

In The Proposal, Ryan Reynolds stars alongside Sandra Bullock. The movie follows Margaret Tate (Bullock) as she tries to avoid being deported and enlists her assistant, Andrew Paxton (Reynolds), to help her out. The movie is a funny and heartwarming watch that showcases the chemistry between Reynolds and Bullock.

4. Buried (2010)

Buried is a thriller that stars Ryan Reynolds as Paul Conroy, a man who finds himself buried alive in a coffin. The movie is shot entirely from inside the coffin, which adds to the claustrophobic feel. Reynolds gives an intense and emotional performance in this must-watch movie.

5. Safe House (2012)

Safe House sees Ryan Reynolds take on the role of a young CIA agent, Matt Weston. The movie follows Weston as he tries to keep a dangerous criminal, Tobin Frost (Denzel Washington), safe in a safe house. The movie is packed with action and suspense, making it a thrilling watch.

6. Waiting… (2005)

Waiting… is a comedy that sees Ryan Reynolds star as Monty, a waiter in a chain restaurant. The movie follows Monty and his coworkers as they deal with the ups and downs of working in the service industry. The movie is a hilarious and relatable watch for anyone who has worked in the service industry.

7. Criminal (2016)

Criminal is an action-packed thriller that sees Ryan Reynolds star as Bill Pope. When Pope is killed, his memories are implanted into a dangerous criminal, Jerico Stewart (Kevin Costner), in the hopes of stopping a terrorist attack. Reynolds gives a great performance in his limited role in this must-watch movie.

8. The Voices (2014)

The Voices is a dark comedy that sees Ryan Reynolds star as Jerry Hickfang, a factory worker with a talking cat and dog. The movie takes a dark turn when Jerry begins to hear voices in his head that tell him to do dangerous things. The movie is a quirky and unique watch that showcases Reynolds’ versatility as an actor.

9. Van Wilder: Party Liaison (2002)

Van Wilder: Party Liaison is a college comedy that sees Ryan Reynolds take on the role of the titular character, Van Wilder. The movie follows Van Wilder as he tries to avoid graduating from college while throwing epic parties. The movie is a fun and nostalgic watch that showcases Reynolds’ early comedic talent.

10. Mississippi Grind (2015)

Mississippi Grind is a drama that sees Ryan Reynolds take on the role of a gambler named Curtis. The movie follows Curtis as he and a down on his luck gambler, Gerry (Ben Mendelsohn), travel down the Mississippi river in search of a big score. Reynolds gives a great performance in this must-watch movie that is filled with tension and emotion.

In conclusion, Ryan Reynolds has starred in a variety of movies over the years, and these top 10 must-watch movies showcase his versatility and talent as an actor. Whether you are in the mood for a superhero movie or a quirky dark comedy, there is something for everyone on this list.