Top 10 Must-Watch Movies of the Year

Without a doubt, 2021 has been an astounding year for the movie industry. With the world recovering from the pandemic, filmmakers have produced some truly remarkable movies that showcase their creative prowess and storytelling abilities. From iconic franchises to new releases, the year has seen a wide range of movies that deserve your attention. In this article, we will bring you the top 10 must-watch movies of the year that you cannot afford to miss.

1. Dune

Dune is one of the most anticipated movies of the year and is based on Frank Herbert’s novel of the same name. Directed by Denis Villeneuve, the movie’s plot revolves around a young noble, Paul Atreides, who leads a rebellion on a desert planet against an evil ruler to safeguard his family’s honor and the future of his people.

2. Black Widow

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of the Black Widow for years. Scarlett Johansson reprises her role as the titular character for this Marvel superhero movie. The film follows Black Widow as she confronts the demons of her past and battles a dangerous conspiracy.

3. No Time To Die

The latest James Bond movie, No Time To Die, has been long overdue due to the COVID pandemic. However, the wait was worth it as the film brings back Daniel Craig as the suave spy. In the movie, James Bond has retired from active service, but his peaceful life is disrupted when an old friend asks him for help.

4. Spider-Man: No Way Home

Spider-Man: No Way Home is the third movie in Tom Holland’s Spider-Man series. The plot is shrouded in secrecy, but rumors suggest that the movie will feature multiple villains from other Spider-Man franchises and explore the concept of the multiverse.

5. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is a Marvel superhero movie that follows the story of Shang-Chi, a skilled martial artist who must confront his past after his father, the leader of a criminal organization, summons him back home.

6. The French Dispatch

Directed by Wes Anderson, The French Dispatch is a playful and charming movie that pays homage to journalism and the art of storytelling. The movie depicts three different stories set in the fictional French town of Ennui-sur-Blasé.

7. In the Heights

In the Heights is a movie adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Broadway musical of the same name. The film tells the story of the vibrant Washington Heights community in New York City and the dreams of the people who live there.

8. The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad, directed by James Gunn, is a reboot of the 2016 movie of the same name. The film follows a team of anti-heroes who are sent on a dangerous mission to destroy a laboratory that holds a powerful weapon.

9. Luca

Luca is an animated movie produced by Pixar. The film follows the story of a young sea monster named Luca, who has a dream of exploring the world beyond his underwater home. With the help of his friend Alberto, he sets out on a journey to a small Italian town.

10. Judas and the Black Messiah

Judas and the Black Messiah is a biographical movie that tells the story of Fred Hampton, the chairman of the Illinois Black Panthers, and William O’Neal, an FBI informant who infiltrates the party. The movie explores the themes of power, racism, and betrayal.

In conclusion, the year 2021 has brought some amazing movies to the big screens, ranging from epic franchises to new releases that have captured audiences’ imaginations worldwide. So, if you are looking for some thrilling and mind-bending movies, these ten must-watch titles will definitely fit the bill.