Who Will Be the Next Big Villain in Marvel’s 2021 Movies?

As Marvel fans eagerly anticipate the release of their favorite superhero movies, one question on everyone’s mind is: who will be the next big villain in Marvel’s 2021 movies? With several upcoming movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are plenty of opportunities to introduce new and exciting villains to challenge our heroes.

First up is Black Widow, set for release in May 2021. While the film takes place before the events of Avengers: Endgame, there is still the potential for an exciting villain to make an appearance. One possibility is Taskmaster, a skilled combatant with the power to mimic any physical movement he sees, making him a formidable opponent for Natasha Romanoff.

Next, we have Eternals, which is set to hit theaters in November 2021. This film is expected to introduce a whole new group of characters, so there are many potential villains to choose from. One possibility is Kro, the leader of the Deviants, a race of genetically unstable beings that have clashed with the Eternals throughout history.

The third upcoming Marvel movie in 2021 is Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. This film will introduce the first Asian superhero in the MCU and is expected to bring a new level of martial arts action to the franchise. As for the villain, rumors suggest that the Mandarin, the longtime villain of Iron Man, may finally make his debut, which would be a thrilling addition to the film.

Finally, we have Spider-Man: No Way Home, which will hit theaters in December 2021. While the details of the plot are still largely unknown, there have been rumors circulating that the film may feature multiple Spider-Men from different universes. As for the villain, there is speculation that Doctor Octopus and/or Green Goblin may make an appearance, which would be a treat for longtime Spider-Man fans.

In conclusion, while we don’t yet know for sure who will be the next big villain in Marvel’s 2021 movies, there are many exciting possibilities to look forward to. Whether it’s Taskmaster, Kro, the Mandarin, or Doctor Octopus, we can be sure that Marvel will bring their A-game when it comes to crafting memorable and challenging villains for our favorite heroes to face off against.